10 things you should know about love and relationships


Yes, it happened on February 14; Yes, you are calmer (or more depressed) after the anxiety that generated you having stamped your ex, or your suitor, or your impossible love which kissed so passionately with his (gallant or galana) that you asked yourself how it is Facebook had not removed that photo for moral misconduct. Already, that happened. And now that you have returned to your normal life (I assume), I present to you these 10 points that you should know about love.

1.- Love is not necessarily a romantic tale : It seems contradictory, but perfect love does not exist. On the contrary, nature, or God, or whoever you think has created this imperfect world, created love so that it manages to overcome the eternal and human conflict that will always be in couples, love is a challenge and can be something painful . If you have low self-esteem and you are looking for a partner to give you all those shortcomings that you have, you are making a serious mistake. And this brings us to point 2 …

2 .- It is stupid to think that “you can not live without him or without it” : Many songs say “I can not live without you”, “without you I am nothing”, songs written to take advantage of the potential market so large of people who They do not understand what love is and sell more. Let’s see, if you want to have a partner, you should love yourself first, you should have your own life and your own projects to share with others. Otherwise you will only generate a codependent relationship, and that will eventually be very exhausting for both you and your partner. Do not be silly, learn to love and then you’re looking for someone.

3.- The well-known tactic of “treat them badly and they will come to you” is stupid. Many people believe that it works, apparently this is usually the case, but you believe it because you do not understand the background of the matter and if you keep using it as a tactic it will eventually attract you problems. What’s going on? For a woman, a man who has his own life and has more things to do than to think about it is more attractive. If you are behind her as stupid, you will stop being attractive because you are telling the woman that you have no more life than your desire for her, instead if you have the ability to postpone an appointment because you have “things to do” or You did not speak to her one day because you had an “important project”; she will feel more attracted because you are a man with occupations and a life of her own. Stop using stupid tactics and get yourself a life!

4.- Love is not the same as falling in love. Let’s see Do you see your parents see and drool every time you do it or would like to do it? Is not it true? Falling in love plays an important role in uniting couples who may wish to reproduce in the future. Falling in love (that ideal stage where everything is perfect) is over, but love persists (if you are mature). That couple with whom you kiss every time, you presume so much on your Facebook (so that your aunt who year after year told you that pa ‘when the groom stops scrubbing) and you see as a god or goddess, possibly it will be with whom you argue in 20 years, which will have wrinkles, belly of chelero, and bubis falls (in the case that is female),

5.- Natural selection: The best with the best, the not so good with the not so good, and the worst are left alone. A biologist will have a very un idealistic opinion and maybe lasts for what love is, but it is the most realistic. You exist thanks to your genes, and so that the genetic content lasts throughout history, the species with the most healthy genetic content look for others with healthier content. In Spanish, an individual will always look for a partner that is up to him or even that means a challenge. It is not that everyone is interested and attracted to the “car guy”, rather they are attracted by their strength, their security and the ability they have to move forward, which can be reflected even material possessions (which does not imply that the woman is interested). Both women and men seek to be with people of our height. That’s why the best tend to be more attractive to the opposite sex (or the same sex in the case of gays) and those who do not aspire to much tend to stay “with less”. It hurts, but it’s true. Of course there are people with poor genetic content who try to cheat nature, they are known as louts.

6.- Quality over quantity: Due to this, many think that the more brides or couples you have, the more man you are. In most cases it is stupid. Having many couples can also reflect instability, and at the same time many strong and winning people may have few girlfriends throughout their lives because they prefer stability, because they are demanding, or because they have a life of their own, they do not mind passing some time of their unmarried lives.

7.- Your relationships speak of you : Your sentimental relationships speak of who you are. Do you have chaotic relationships? Do you have difficulty attracting people of the opposite sex? Are your boyfriends losers? No. Luck does not exist. It is cause and effect. If your relationships are conflicting or nobody approaches you, there is a reason why this pattern exists, it is something that you attract, analyze yourself and change!

8.- Safe men, and pretty women: Have you noticed that it is easier to see a chubby little graceful with a model than an ugly woman with a handsome man? I do not want to sound sexist (in fact I am against machismo), but nature tells us that women seek strength and security in men, while men look for physical beauty in women. A few years ago when I was fatter they told me: -not that the fact that you are thin will make all women surrender to you, but the security that is going to make you look better in front of the mirror is going to be a plus-. And said and done.

9.- The majority of pick-up artists are garbage. There are men who are so urged that they look for “professional advisers” to help them get women. Technically they can achieve it, but rather we are talking about a school of louts. If you want to fuck, fuck and fuck, maybe they will serve you, but in reality these guys who perjure that in the end you always have to be yourself, what they do is change your identity for a superficially salable one. There are a few that are worthwhile because they have a more human approach and maybe they could help you, but the simplest solution is to acquire security in yourself and have a life of your own. You do not need more (it sounds easy, although you need many … to put these simple tips into practice).

10.- Do you want to be loved? Accept yourself as you are. Stop looking for recipes, stop copying the Justin Bieber outfit. God! Stop making yourself interesting, stop posting “niche, can not and simón de bubuá” phrases to seem intellectual. Be the best version of yourself. You have defects that you can not change, accept them and you can even play with them in your favor. Do not become a fake, do not become indebted to pretend that you have money, do not try to be a sucker with your friends to make it look like you are an “alpha man”. Accept yourself with your virtues and your shortcomings, work in the areas where you falter, try to be a better person instead of deceiving yourself and others.

What do you think?

Written by Geekybar

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 10 years.

For over 7 years in journalism. Half of them are as editor. My weakness is doing mini-investigations on new topics.


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