Xiaomi warns about the use of non-original spare parts in its smartphones

Reports indicate that if a Xiaomi smartphone does not have an original battery, the device will no longer be able to use fast charging.


iPhones and other Apple equipment will show you a message if aftermarket parts are used in the device; however, it would soon not be the only brand using this method. A recent finding reveals that Xiaomi also alerts you if you use, for example, a fake battery.

The ProAndroid medium shared a publication on the XDA website, where they claim to have discovered in the code of the Xiaomi My Security application a warning that appears in case you use a non-original battery in your smartphone.

What is most striking about this discovery is that not only will you receive an alert from the company, but you will also not be able to use fast charging when the battery is false, which will prevent you from maintaining the security of the equipment.

With this, the firm does not want to force the user to go to its official stores to repair the smartphone but to use original spare parts. For now, it is known that the alert only appears when official batteries are not used in the Chinese market.

The use of non-original spare parts, almost always, end up damaging the equipment even more. In the case of cell phone batteries, they often do not go through quality control and even run the risk of catching fire with the use of fast charging.

On the other hand, it is important to note that Xiaomi mobile repairs are quite inexpensive and it is possible to find original spare parts very easily. Therefore, if you want to continue enjoying fast charging of your device or any other function, use an official battery.

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