What is the economy like now and what can we expect in 2023?

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Economic Survey
Economic Survey

The Economic Survey 2023 is still the most thorough and authoritative examination of the economy carried out by the Union government, even though its conclusions and recommendations are not legally binding on the Budget.

The Economic Survey for the current fiscal year will be made public on Tuesday by the Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) (2022-23). The survey is always released the day before the Finance Minister announces the Union Budget for the upcoming fiscal year, usually on January 31 because Union Budgets are set for February 1. (2023-24 in the present case).

Economic Survey: What Is It And What To Expect In 2023 | Explained News,The Indian Express
The Economic Survey is what?

The Economic Survey, as its name implies, is a thorough analysis of the state of the national economy during the current fiscal year. Up until 1964, the Economic Survey was presented with the Budget, with the first one being made for 1950–51.

Similar to this, for a long time the survey was published in a single book with separate chapters devoted to various important economic sectors including services, agriculture, and manufacturing as well as important policy issues like fiscal developments, the job situation, inflation, etc. A comprehensive statistical abstract is also included in this issue.

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However, the survey was provided in two volumes from 2010–11 to 2020–21. The supplemental volume, which frequently covered some of the most important topics and arguments affecting the economy, bore the intellectual mark of the CEA.

The reason why last year’s survey was released in a single volume format rather than two volumes was likely because V Anantha Nageswaran, the current CEA, had just taken over when it was produced and delivered.

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What is the relevance of the Economic Survey?

The survey’s evaluation and suggestions, despite the fact that it is released one day before the Budget, are not legally enforceable.

Even yet, the survey continues to be the most thorough and reliable examination of the economy produced by the Union government. As a result, its findings and specifics offer a recognized framework for analyzing the Indian economy.

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What should one search for in the survey this year?

Since the beginning of 2017–18, the Indian economy has had difficulty expanding quickly. Although the years immediately following Covid may have seen rapid development, this was only a statistical mirage.

Numerous economists from outside the country have said that India’s own potential growth has decreased from 8% to 6%. The economy has also experienced record high unemployment, a severe increase in poverty, and inequality throughout the Covid epidemic, in addition to a slowdown in growth.

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The poll is anticipated to determine if India’s growth potential has slowed down or not, as well as the genuine degree of the economic recovery in that country.

One might anticipate that the poll will offer both policy recommendations and future-looking scenarios. What might be done, for instance, to encourage manufacturing expansion in the nation?

India To Grow 6.8-7% This Fiscal, Can Navigate 2023 Global Headwinds Much Easily: Cea Anantha Nageswaran

How is it possible for India to maintain its rapid growth at a time when both global growth and trade are projected to remain modest?

Lastly, CEA Nageswaran’s influence is probably still visible in this survey. As a result, it might include chapters that examine the main problems and difficulties facing the economy as well as the possible solutions.

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