Vaccination against Covid-19: Peru plans two days of vaccination continues

The vaccination will be carried out non-stop for two days in various vaccination centers in Lima and Callao

Peru prepares the Vaccination against Covid 19 and apply 200 thousand vaccines
Peru prepares the Vaccination against Covid 19 and apply 200 thousand vaccines

The Ministry of Health of Peru (MINSA) has proposed to vaccinate more than 200 thousand people against the Covid-19 disease this weekend . 

The estimated vaccines will be applied to people over 47 years old residing in the capital Lima and Callao. This day will run uninterrupted between Saturday and Sunday. 

In an event that they have called the ” Vaccination “, 21 vaccination centers will be opened in the Peruvian capital and 887 vaccination brigades will participate,   which will be divided into three shifts. 

The day began at 07.00 local time on Saturday (12.00 GMT) and will include the application of the first and second doses, as the case may be, for citizens aged 47 and over who attend authorized centers.

The MINSA said that with this it is planned to accelerate the vaccination process in the country, which has cost 194,084 deaths and 2,037,391 cases. In this regard, the Minister of Health, Óscar Ugarte, said that “the first objective is that all those who are behind” in the immunization schedule “are vaccinated and therefore all age groups are considered.”

“Secondly, it is to guarantee that the age group that is being vaccinated, in this case those of 50 and 40 years, can advance more quickly,” said the minister on Friday.

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