US President Joe Biden and his wife evacuated from their beach house

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The measure was taken after a plane entered “by mistake” the house where they celebrate the birthday of his wife Jill Biden.

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were briefly evacuated from their Delaware beach home after a small private plane entered restricted airspace, according to the White House and the US Secret Service.

There was no threat to the Bidens, who returned to their Rehoboth Beach home shortly after they were removed and precautionary measures were taken, White House officials said.

The plane “mistakenly” entered restricted airspace and was “immediately escorted out,” according to Secret Service spokesman Anthony Gugliemi . The agency will interview the pilot, who was not on the proper radio channel and did not follow a Notice to Airmen and published flight guidance, Gugliemi said, citing a preliminary investigation.

The Federal Aviation Administration  earlier this week established a 10-mile radius no-fly zone and a 30-mile restricted area around Rehoboth Beach, a routine security measure taken when the president travels outside of Washington. .

Gugliemi did not specify other precautionary measures taken in response to the incident. The roar of jet engines could be heard in the area, and the main street in Rehoboth Beach was temporarily closed.

The group of reporters traveling with Biden were not with him during the evacuation.

Military aircraft are often deployed to intercept aircraft violating the closed airspace around places where the president is staying. Pilots who violate such restrictions may be subject to criminal penalties, fines, or the loss of their pilot’s license.

The president and first lady arrived at the beach Thursday night before Jill Biden’s birthday on Friday and are expected to leave on Sunday.

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