The United States regulates traffic on the Fast Track

It was pointed out that the international relationship regarding the border crossing corresponds to the Federal Government.


The Secretary of Municipal Sustainable Mobility affirmed that the reduction of queues in the Fast Track depends on the United States speeding up the border crossing, so traffic on the road will continue.

Obed Silva Sánchez pointed out that the lines towards the border crossing have become confined lanes, slowing down motorists who travel to destinations other than the border with the United States.

It is not strictly a matter of us doing a job to put more flats or that they enter through the border, but that the United States continues to administer the entrance, it is their country, they are sovereign in deciding how to give access to the people who cross over there “


Possible Mishaps 

Silva Sánchez added that the line normally ends meters after the crossroads with Lázaro Cárdenas Boulevard, coupled with possible mishaps and accidents that could further lengthen traffic on the road .

“We are precisely implementing a monitoring that allows us to know the origin and destination of these thousands of vehicles that pass through there, the issue is that there is an administration of access to the neighboring country,” he stated.

The public official explained that the international relationship regarding the border crossing corresponds to the Federal Government, however, he reiterated the rapprochement that the Mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, has had with the Mayor of San Diego, Todd Gloria.

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