A tour of the classified documents that Trump had, what is known?

Classified Documents That Trump
classified documents that Trump

This Friday, the Washington Post reported that among the documents the FBI recovered at Mar-a-Lago were highly sensitive intelligence about Iran and China.

We already knew that Donald Trump kept several documents with the military and defense secrets of some countries in his home in Florida (USA). This Friday, apparently more details were known. The Washington Post reported that the documents the FBI recovered at Mar-a-Lago included highly sensitive intelligence about Iran and China . This is information about Iran’s missile program, as well as intelligence work directed at China, according to the US newspaper.

Because it is important? This data on Iran and China is considered among the most sensitive the FBI has recovered so far. This is key in the investigation that is being carried out for possible mishandling of classified information. Trump reacted after the publication of the Post and maintained that the FBI and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) were trying to frame him. “Who knows what NARA and the FBI plant in the documents, or subtract from the documents, we’ll never know, right?” the former president commented.

Just this Thursday, Trump maintained that nine of the seized documents are his personal property, but the Justice Department says they are official records. These are documents related to immigration policies and an email addressed to him by a person at a military academy, among others.

How is the investigation so far? some keys
🗒️ An important clarification: The Post reported on September 6 that within those documents there was information about the nuclear capabilities and military defense of a foreign country. However, this Friday the newspaper maintained that the people who discussed the case did not clarify whether that intelligence was related to China or Iran.
🗒️ The Department of Justice and Donald Trump have been in the middle of a dispute over the return of some confidential documents for more than 19 months, a plot that led to the raid of Mar-a-Lago, his home in Florida, after obtaining evidence that highly classified documents were probably hidden.

So far the FBI has seized around 13,000 documents , 103 of them classified and 18 top secret. In January, 184 documents in a set of 15 boxes were sent to the National Archives and Records Administration. While 38 more were turned over by a Trump lawyer in June, and more than 100 were discovered by authorities in a raid on his home on August 8.
🗒️ Why is it serious that Trump took those papers out of the White House? Journalist Devlin Barrett explains that these boxes may contain valuable clues about how the US may be collecting intelligence and from whom.
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Other finds?

This week it was also learned that Trump shared classified letters from Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, with journalist Bob Woodward. These documents appear to have been among the information the National Archives recovered from his home in Florida. Also in the documents recovered in January of this year was a letter that former President Barack Obama left for Trump. This is part of a tradition in which the outgoing president leaves a letter for his successor.

Opening those boxes, officials found documents clearly marked as classified, as well as printouts of news articles, memorabilia and articles. From May 16 to 18, the FBI conducts a preliminary review, and according to the Post, they find hundreds of framework documents with acronyms such as HCS, FISA, ORCON, NOFORN and SI , indicating that it is classified information.

On August 8, FBI agents spent nearly 9 hours searching Trump’s home. This after Magistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart approves the FBI’s request for a search warrant. In addition to the 100 classified documents found at the time, agents also discovered 48 empty folders marked “classified.”

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