The boyfriend of Gabrielle Petito, the American wanted by the police, has disappeared

The young woman’s family says that Brian Laundrie is in hiding.

The Young Womans Family Says That Brian Laundrie Is In Hiding.

The boyfriend of Gabrielle Petito, the young American who is being searched by the police, has disappeared.

They were both on a motorhome trip across the United States when the 22-year-old girl disappeared. The boyfriend returned home but refused to cooperate with the authorities. The family has just revealed that they do not know the young man’s whereabouts either.

This Saturday, dozens of agents searched for Brian Laundrie in a vast area of ​​nature reserve on the US Gulf Coast.

The Petito family’s lawyer has already defended that, contrary to what the authorities say, this is not a double disappearance, stating that only the girl is missing while her boyfriend is hidden from the authorities.


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