Equality uses the Spanish presidency in the Council of the EU as an excuse to throw a party

Spanish presidency
Spanish presidency

The Ministry of Equality can use any excuse to organize a party. Normally feminism is the center of these events, be it nationally or internationally. 

The problem is that it seems that they have run out of excuses to organize events on equality and now they are looking for other pretexts for it and it seems that they have already found it. 


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The Spanish presidency in the Council of the European Union is the perfect reason to organize an event within the walls of the Ministry of Equality to celebrate it. 

In addition, the organization of this event is at the expense of the Undersecretary for Equality, that is, Ignacio Sola Barleycorn, who has decided to spend a total of 275,655.96 euros .


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The Official State Gazette (BOE) published last Friday, March 24, the latest initiative that the Ministry of Equality has decided to take, led by Irene Montero and, specifically, its number three, that is, the Undersecretary for Equality, Ignacio Sola Barleycorn .
 This is a contract that has as its object the organization service of the events that the Ministry of Equality will hold within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union . 
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This agreement will have an investment amounting to 275,655.96 euros, this amount will be used to organize said event, including the catering service; advertising and marketing; security; interpretation; sound technicians; o IT services: consulting, software development,
internet and support


In addition, this agreement is made up of three lots, each one dedicated to an issue, although the basis of all of them is the same and it is an organization service for the events that the Ministry of Equality will hold within the framework of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Thus, the first batch is intended to advance LGTBI rights throughout Europe, an event that will be held in Madrid on July 5, 2023. The second is entitled “The effective guarantee of sexual and reproductive rights in Europe”, this will be held in Zaragoza on September 28, 2023. Finally, the event “People of African descent in the European Union: Recognition, Justice and Development”, in this case will be held in Barcelona on November 2 and 3, 2023.


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And it is that, Spain has been chosen to assume the presidency of the Council in the European Union during the second semester of 2023, that is, between July 1 and December 31. 

This will be the fifth time he has held this position in history. For this reason, the department that directs the Equality policy has considered that it is the perfect moment to be able to throw a party and, incidentally, promote feminism at the expense of this appointment.


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 In addition, it has decided to carry it out at the moment in which the ministry of Irene Montero is in the spotlight and even more so the number three of Equality , due to the Law of Only yes is yes, which has reduced the penalties of a large number of rapists.

The problem is that Ignacio Sola Barleycorn is one of the people who were part of the technical team at the time this regulation was being drawn up and it is the department of this senior position that is also organizing the event. However, this is not the first time that senior Equality officials look for any excuse to hold a party.


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Ángela Rodríguez  has been involved in the controversy over the mocking statements she made regarding the reductions in the sentences of rapists with the  Only Yes is Yes Law.  

The humorous statements made by the Secretary of State for Equality in a podcast program were not well received either by a large number of users or by opposition parties.


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 Now, it seems that she feels misunderstood and she considers that the problem is that the citizens and the rest of the political parties do not understand her idea of ​​feminism.

 For this reason, she has decided to take action on the matter and organize an event to solve this issue. So, she has decided to organize an international feminist meeting that will take place at the Complutense University of Madrid and that is called “We call it feminism” . This is an event that Ángela Rodríguez is managing and in which she will allocate a total of 64,590.39 euros.


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