After agreement with Sánchez to increase permanent destroyers in Rota to six, Biden stated – Spain is an indispensable ally


The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has defended this Tuesday that Spain is an “indispensable ally” within NATO and has “personally” thanked his “leadership” in the framework of the Ukraine crisis.

This has been done after a meeting with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, which has been “warm and personal”, in his own words. The meeting resulted in an update of the joint declaration signed in 2001, which broadens and strengthens a bilateral relationship that is based on “deep roots, shared democratic values, ​​and a common vision to address global challenges.”

Along these lines, Biden has stressed that Spain has been a member of NATO for 40 years while stressing that it is the host country of a “unique” summit.

At a press conference after the meeting –which lasted an hour or so–, he lamented that the Russian invasion of Ukraine “has broken the rules” established since the Second World War, but he emphasized that security transatlantic is the “greatest strength” that the allies have to face Moscow. In parallel, he has called for an increase in arms shipments to the country and to continue “squeezing Russia with more sanctions.”

From the content of the meeting, the US president has alluded to the intention of the United States to deploy two new destroyers at the Rota naval base (Cádiz), which will be added to the four that have already been there since 2014 and 2015. opinion of Biden, who has expressed his desire that the process is completed “as soon as possible”, the deployment will improve the bilateral relationship.

He also referred to the need for the allies to strengthen themselves against threats from the east and south, stressing that NATO is focused “in all domains and directions.” Referring specifically to migration, he has indicated that both partners seek to “promote stability and growth in Africa.”

“We reaffirm our commitment to continue working together” on a wide range of challenges, such as the covid-19 pandemic or climate change, summed up the US president, who also thanked the Spanish “hospitality” with the US military deployed in our country and the reception of Ukrainian refugees.

Sánchez, for his part, stressed that the United States and Spain are “allies” and “strategic partners” who share “historical roots” and have the “will to promote” the principles of freedom. The president, who has been “satisfied” with the update of the joint declaration, has recalled that Spain “has responded” and has proceeded to reinforce the eastern flank, after which he has pointed out the need to “recognize the importance” of the flank south.


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