She coughed at the supermarket and screamed that she had COVID-19; they give her a year in jail

The woman did not have COVID-19, but it made the store lose $ 35,000 and will spend a year in jail

Woman Goes To Jail In The United States For Joke She Made In A Supermarket About Covid 19

After she coughed at the grocery store , spat on food and screamed that she had COVID-19 , a woman was arrested in the United States and will spend a year in jail .

37-year-old Margaret Ann Cirko walked into a grocery store in Pennsylvania and coughed over the merchandise, screaming that she had COVID-19 and that everyone would get sick, which will cost her jail time.

The co-owner of the supermarket chain said that the losses in that supermarket were 35 thousand dollars, due to the threat that the woman gave about COVID-19 ; the thing is, she will go to jail when in fact she did not have the virus.

He coughs at the supermarket and screams that he has COVID-19; they give him a year in jail
That’s right, the woman tested negative for COVID-19, her lawyer said, adding that she was intoxicated when she yelled that lie.

Although the defendant apologized in court, a judge said her conduct was unheard of and sentenced her to between one and two years in prison, in addition to eight years of probation.

The woman will have to pay compensation of about 30 thousand dollars for the joke that no one was amused.


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