Russia claims 1,730 Ukrainian soldiers surrendered at Mariupol steel mill

pexels photo 6238470
pexels photo 6238470

It was stated on Thursday by the Russian Ministry of Defense that 1,730 Ukrainian troops had surrendered this week in the Azovstal steelworks, which was the last bastion of resistance in the port of Mariupol, which is located in Ukraine. Mariupol is located in Ukraine. The sentence was said out loud. Mariupol is a city that can be located in the country of Ukraine. Seven hundred seventy-one members of the nationalist Azov regiment have defected, according to an announcement made by the Ministry of Defense during the last twenty-four hours.

This material was included in the organization’s daily report about the war. This information is included in the report in its full as a separate section. According to what he said, as of the 16th of May, a total of 1,730 militants, including 80 who were wounded, had surrendered. This includes a combined total of 1,730 troops who took part in the battle. “Taken together.” The Ministry of Defense disseminated a video that showed troops leaving the plant, and this footage was used in the movie. It seemed as if a number of the troops had been injured, as shown by the fact that a number of them were walking with the help of crutches.

This was a clear indication that some of the soldiers had been injured. As they were leaving the premises, they were inspected by Russian troops, and all of their belongings, including the items in their bags, were extensively searched through and examined. The government claims that the injured military members were sent to a hospital that is situated on territory in the east of Ukraine that is under the authority of Russia. This area is known as Crimea, and it contains this land. However, the capital city of Russia has not released a remark addressing this topic in a way that can be deemed definitive. The Ukrainian government has made it very obvious that it plans to pursue a prisoner exchange.


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