Pope Francis Message for Christmas 2022 is All About Peace, Love, and Helpfulness.

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Pope Francis Message for Christmas: The Pope encouraged operators and volunteers of the “Mensajeros de la Paz” group to “help resolve conflicts so that peace may follow” in a video message recorded this month during a meeting with Father Garcia Rodriguez, founder and President of the “Mensajeros de la Paz” association.

“To each and every one of you, brothers and sisters of the family of Mensajeros de la Paz, who carry a good message not only in words, but in everything you do, you create an atmosphere of love, you solve problems, and you know how to speak coherently with your works and with your heart, I say this: you know how to speak coherently with your works and with your heart. “I want to congratulate you, and I want you to keep going!” he said her.

The Pope extended his gratitude to the attendees for their role as peacemakers before explaining that peace is not a destination but rather a condition of being that can only be realised if violent conflict is resolved.

Pope Francis Christmas 2022

He expressed concern over the current state of international peace and made a plea for all involved in conflict to work toward peaceful resolutions.

Pope Francis message for Christmas encouraged the Messengers of Peace to “keep making a scene” because he believes that this is exactly what society requires at this time.

Pope Francis – Messages of Peace

“Also the smallest peace, the peace of the small towns, the peace of small families that need the peace of each person.”

Mensajeros de la Paz is a non-governmental organisation that was established in Spain in 1962 by Father Angel Garcia Rodriguez and Angel Silva Sánchez. Its current name is Mensajeros de la Paz. In addition to receiving numerous other accolades, it has been recognised on both the national and international levels with the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord.

It is active in 75 countries all over the world with the objective of fostering the personal and social development of groups that are disadvantaged and vulnerable.

You can view the video message from the Pope on the Mensajeros de la Paz Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as on youtube.

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