Nike and Piet launch t-shirt line inspired by football uniforms

Nike And Piet Launch T Shirt Line Inspired By Football Uniforms

Serve as a bridge between sport and fashion, reinforcing the wave of “Jersey Culture” that promises to dominate streetwear in the coming months. It is under this view that Piet, brand of Pedro Andrade, joins Nike with a partnership focused on football.

From this colab came the PIET FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION line, which was launched last Saturday (23.06). The pieces are reinterpretations of the traditional football training shirt in two versions. “I think I dreamed so much of a time like this that I already had most of the references in my head. It was only two weeks of creation and development, “says Pedro, who is a football fan.

In the white and black options, the shirts blend the current language and technique of PIET with the classic design of the shirts of the 90s.

The shield, always a highlight of the uniforms, was rethought and with simple traces inspired by three main references: the Brazilian flag, the soccer field and the PIET logos. “My main idea was to create a product for the ‘wear the shirt’ of PIET. It’s amazing to be able to do this alongside Nike, a brand that is a benchmark in the universes of football and streetwear. Together, let’s show that uniforms can – and should – be worn beyond the four lines. ”

The pieces of the partnership between NIKE and PIET are already on sale on and also on Nike Football Studio – free and open space that is installed in Largo da Batata throughout the Russian World Cup. T-shirts cost $ 349.


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