Showrunner of “You” confirms the reason for the change in the traumatic events

Netflix’s suspense, horror, and psychological drama is expected to premiere its fourth season in the last quarter of 2022.

Since “You” burst onto the global scene, after becoming impressively popular on Netflix, it unfolds a shocking story about the past, present, and future of serial killer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley).

The followers of this psychological suspense or criminal drama -however they want to describe it- are drawn between empathy and rejection of the protagonist, since he is infatuated and seductive with his conquests, but later develops an obsessive behavior that leads him to carry out his heinous acts.

To date, there are three complete seasons on the Netflix streaming platform. The fourth is in full shooting and if times are kind to the fans, it should be released in October of this year. However, nothing is confirmed yet.

What is certain is that what happened between the second and third seasons will not be repeated, which the covid-19 pandemic lengthened due to the confinement that was registered throughout the world.

Now, in Hollywood and everywhere in the world, the engines are running at full speed and the team led by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble is heading towards a fourth installment that will continue the rethinking they showed in the third season: Joe’s pa

A change in Joe’s trauma

The exact moment in which the fanatic empathizes with the murderer is precisely when a series of flashbacks occur that show his dark past.

According to the review made by the writer Gerardo Aguilar, Vader. news, the third and fourth seasons were going to be the jump of a character from Joe’s past that had been presented since the first season, but with very slight participation.

This is Mr. Ivan Mooney, played by Mark Blum. His appearances, which entered the screen as vestiges of a tragic past, showed Mooney punishing Joe by locking him in glass cages, just as the murderer repeats with his victims.

All this drama was going to be developed in the third installment. However, actor Mark Blum was one of the victims who claimed covid-19. So with the actor’s death, the writers recast a whole new scenario for Joe rather than recast the role of the old man.

“If you think about how old young Joe is in these flashbacks we imagine a story that took us back to when he met Mr. Mooney. We were very excited to explore what that relationship was like in the beginning. You see a little bit of the middle and the end of season 1, so we wanted to tell a story that took him out of those (group houses) he was in and led him to the bookstore. I was really excited about it,” said series showrunner Sera Gamble.

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