The fiery twerking of Karol G and her dancers, with standing tails and shots in a nightclub in Mexico

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Karol G 3 Scaled
Karol G 3 scaled

Although his entire tour with “Bichota Tours” has been a total euphoria for his millions of fans, Karol G‘s time in Mexico has left much to talk about.

Since she set foot on Mexican soil, the temperature has risen not only because of her incredible show but also because of the sensuality that the Colombian squandered in each appearance.

To celebrate this success and the beautiful moments of this trip, Karol G took a break with her team and got ready to enjoy an unforgettable night with a lot of twerking in Mexico. “Yesterday I was free and we went with my entire combo to celebrate: band, dancers, photographers, production, sound engineers, engineers, everyone, everyone,” wrote the artist in a story where she appears very sensual in the hot silver dress she chose to celebrate. in a big way and full lips in red.

The famous left everyone speechless with the short and luxurious look of the Balenciaga brand. A very short dress with which she showed off her feet and her voluptuous tail, as well as a pronounced neckline that revealed her large breasts. This look was accompanied by heels very much in her style and a purse of at least five thousand dollars, from the same line.

Hours later, he was recorded drinking many shots with his team girls, who enjoyed a nightclub in Mexico where they drank, sang, and danced nonstop. But without a doubt, one of the videos that set Instagram on fire is where Karol G records intense twerking with her dancers.

In the video a few seconds, “La Bebecita” is seen grabbing the tail of one of her friends, while she hits her rear and makes very sensual movements. By turning the camera and shouting: ‘Give her a friend’, the singer shows the rest of her friends dancing very close to each other, and sweating because of the heat of the moment.

The most daring moments of tonight were shared by one of the singer’s fan accounts on Instagram, in a gallery where they left the most explicit video at the end, and of course, netizens did not resist commenting: “They are the best team, I admire you a lot”, “I would like to be the dancer so that Karol grabs me like this”, “Karoo I love you, you are the coolest. I want to go to a party with you”, “Beautiful and sexy, like you, there are not two”, “You are a lot of woman for so little man”, are some of the messages that they left her.

There is no doubt that the presentation in Mexico City marked a before and after in this tour, in the life of “Bichota” and for all the fans. As part of the surprises of the night, Karol G invited nothing more and nothing less than Anahí, one of the former members of the famous band RBD, to perform the song “Sálvame” together.

The moment that was captured on the cell phones of all those present caused tears between both interpreters, because as the Colombian herself confessed, it was a dream for her to have sung with one of her childhood idols. The Arena seems to collapse from so many screams and today the video of this scene does not stop touring social networks and adding views.

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