Large fire caused by derailed train prompts evacuations in Ohio

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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On Friday night, a train derailed somewhere close to the state line that divides Ohio and Pennsylvania in the United States, which led to a significant fire in the surrounding area.

Reports from the local media said that rescue workers had been rescuing people from their homes that were less than one mile (1.6 kilometers) away from the fire.

Train Derailment Causes Massive Fire In Ohio, Residents Evacuated | Video - India Today


People have taken to various forms of social media to share images that they have found at the scene, which show multiple railway cars ablaze. It is possible to observe smoke billowing into the air from the fire that is now burning.

In addition, the police department of East Palestine is actively participating in the rescue effort.

Train Derailment Causes Massive Fire In Ohio, Residents Within 1.6Km Radius Evacuated: Report | The Straits Times

It was not immediately obvious whether there were any people who had been injured or killed. In addition, it is unknown what caused the train to derail or what it was transporting at the time of the accident.

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