When Jennifer Grey changed into the diet guru Gwen Shamblin, she took Jamie Lee Curtis’ wig advice: “I follow her orders,”

Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Matt Cohen, Jennifer Grey said that before accepting the part of Gwen Shamblin Lara in the upcoming Lifetime film “Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation,” she set some ground rules.

“”Well, I will do this part under conditions,” I responded. First and foremost, I require premium wigs because I am aware of their high cost. And I am aware that wearing a cheap wig would not be effective “Grey recalled.

Jennifer Grey followed Jamie Lee Curtis's wig advice when transforming into diet guru Gwen Shamblin: 'I do what she says'

The “Halloween” star suggested that Grey contact Rob Pickens, the wig maker on Curtis’s renowned horror film franchise, when she explained her predicament to her friend Jamie Lee Curtis. The most recent Marilyn Monroe hairstyle Pickens recreated was for Ana De Arma’s Oscar-nominated portrayal of the bombshell in Netflix‘s “Blonde.”

Grey said, “When she tells me in that kind of harsh voice, I do as she says, so I called him. Budgets for made-for-television films are typically lower than those for streaming Hollywood icon biopics or vintage horror franchise movies.

Jennifer Grey On 'Outrageous' Transformation Into Gwen Shamblin Lara Sends A Message


But the “Dirty Dancing” actor was correct that Lara’s hair was probably her most distinguishing feature. Her intricate wig needed to appear realistic as a result. The Weigh Down Workshop, a faith-based diet program that Lara founded, and four books based on her teachings were written by her.

Based on her convictions, she also started Remnant Fellowship Church. You should replace your obsession with food and other needs and desires with an obsession with God, according to one of the church’s main messages. Former church members accused Shamblin of endorsing child molestation in the 2021 docuseries “The Way Down.”

Jennifer Grey On 'Outrageous' Transformation Into Gwen Shamblin Lara Sends A Message


It also included the account of Joseph and Sonya Smith, Lara’s followers who were found guilty in 2007 of killing their son Josef. According to NBC News, Josef passed away in October 2003 from “blows to the head.” In 2021, Lara perished in a plane disaster.

Entertainment Tonight was told by Grey that Lara “Essentially saying, “This is it,” shame and low self-esteem were married. God is the solution to that.” Lara’s ideas “developed into some really cult-like behaviour,” she continued.

How Jamie Lee Curtis Helped Jennifer Grey Transform Into Gwen Shamblin


“Her hair grew bigger as she gained strength. The closer you are to God, the taller your hair, “Added Grey. As part of her efforts to fully embody Lara, she also worked with a dialect coach.

Lifetime will debut “Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation” on February 4 at 8:00 PM ET.

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