Elephant cries for hours after being rejected by his mother

The little elephant was attacked by its mother on several occasions.

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Image 1 183

CHINA – A baby elephant calf named Zhuang-zhuang cried uncontrollably for five hours after it had to be separated from its mother at the Shendiaoshan Wildlife Reserve in Rong-cheng, China .

After his mother was discovered trying to kick and crush the poor elephant , Zhuang-zhuang was isolated and treated for his injuries.

Zoo keepers expected the attack to be an accident and left the elephant with its mother, only to be attacked again.

Zhuang-zhuang had to be separated again to save his life and has since been adopted by one of the zookeepers .

The little boy was crying for five hours non-stop after his mother rejected him.

Zoo keepers treated his injuries and, hoping it was just an accident, returned him to his mother.

Unfortunately, his mother tried to hurt him again, so he had to be permanently separated.

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