VIRAL VIDEO: Young man gets on mechanical game and ends up cool

The video generated laughter among netizens.

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The funny moment when a young man gets off without a tooth from a mechanical game went viral on the Internet, generating laughter among users.

The video shared on Axaza’s TikTok account (@, shows the moment when a couple enjoys the attraction of a mechanical game, without imagining what would happen.

In the images a girl and a boy are seen quite excited because they will enjoy the free fall mechanical game.

However, when the game begins to roll, they both jiggle until the young man falls out of one of his teeth and apparently swallows it, which leaves him really surprised.

When they turn to see the girl, they both start laughing because he is cool.

He came in with a tooth and comes out cool. If you laugh you lose ”, it reads next to the video.

So far the video has 6.7 million views on TikTok and thousands of comments from people who did not know whether to laugh because of their teeth or because of their faces.

Click here to watch.

“Who else noticed you tried to grab the tooth?”; “Ate the tooth, did anyone else notice?”; “I laughed at the girl and her burlesque laugh”; “Even the tooth was scared, that’s why it flew away”, are some of the comments.


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