Double murder in Bogotá! The bodies were found in the Fucha river


After the disappearance for almost 24 days of the cousins Jairo Sebastián Doncel Hernández and José Miguel Doncel, which occurred at the exit of a night spot on Avenida 1 de Mayo, the tragic news of the discovery of both bodies in the Fucha river was obtained.

Mr. José Doncel, father of one of the youths confirmed the information, stating that they were allegedly killed.

On June 12, Jairo Sebastián had arrived from Switzerland and that Wednesday after leaving his luggage at his cousin José Miguel’s house in the Nuevo Muzú neighborhood, in the town 
of Tunjuelito, his parents had been told that they would have a few drinks at a time. night place of the 1st Avenue of May , since that day they did not know anything about the two young people after an intense search in hospitals, URI and even Legal Medicine.

Two waitresses

When the family filed a complaint with the Office of the Prosecutor and the Police GAULA, videos were obtained in which the two cousins ​​were seen leaving with two innkeepers and 
boarding a silver-colored car.

From that moment the investigations began to find the whereabouts of the young people and the waitresses.


Mr. José Doncel said that the bodies were found last weekend in the Fucha river arriving in Soacha, where after performing the fingerprinting and reconnaissance tests, they were found to be. It is presumed that they were killed elsewhere and the bodies were thrown into the river as a liberation zone.

Already the case went from missing persons to a double homicide, so they have deployed the best officials of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Prosecutor’s Office, to solve this terrible crime.

Pain in New Muzú

The atmosphere in the Nuevo Muzú neighborhood of Tunjuelito was one of pain, weeping and mourning, in which the community and the family hope justice will be done for this vile murder, those responsible will be captured and this double crime will not go unpunished.

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