Three school children die after being hit by a van

Traffic accident is recorded near the Anamuelle sector, in the city of Huamachuco

Three schoolchildren lost their lives and one was injured after they were hit by a van at the height of the Anamuelle sector, located in the hamlet of Yanac, in the city of  Huamachuco . 

The traffic accident was recorded averaging 7:00 in the morning when schoolchildren attended their classes at the Yanac Educational Institution and were hit by a van with a F9T-841 license plate that came from Pataz .

The deceased were identified as Anthony and Abel RR (14) and Olinda RC (15). While the minor of initials ICR (14) was injured, he was taken emergency to Leoncio Prado Hospital in Huamachuco . 

Personnel from Serenazgo de Huamachuco , police officers and the Public Prosecutor’s Office arrived at the area of ​​the traffic accident for the removal of bodies. In addition, the driver of the truck that caused this tragic traffic accident was intervened. 

“We are outraged, it is not fair and we ask for justice.” Every day they came from their home to school, said Ruiz, a relative of one of the deceased.

It is worth mentioning that the relatives of the three deceased staged scenes of pain and asked for justice for their children.


The minor of initial ICR (14) due to the severity of his injuries was transferred to an emergency hospital in the city of Trujillo . She has a fracture of the skull, tibia and fibula. 

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