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A behind-the-scenes look at Shanel’s less-than-pretty life, relationships, and job choices

Shantel “Shan” Smith is a Survivor 41 contestant. She is 36 years old, Canadian by birth, and resides in Washington, DC. Smith is currently employed as a pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Brinklow. Her Instagram account currently has approximately 63.7k followers. Shan enjoys acting, running, and dancing.

In an interview with CBS, she expressed her thoughts on her prospects of appearing on the show, saying, “I believe I am capable of victory. I believe that living on the streets, developing a strong work ethic, pursuing excellence in everything I do and put out into the world, having a high threshold for pain and suffering, endurance, perseverance, understanding that nothing comes easily but must be earned and worked for, rigorous self-examination, zero entitlement, trusting that self-discipline is self love, believing in others, and maki “‘.

Childhood and education

Shantel’s life was not easy. As a child, she was removed from her mother by Child Protection Services. Eventually, she was continually moving between foster homes and was without a guardian figure for an extended period of time. She spent a lot of time watching ‘Survivor’ during her time living unanchored.


Smith is currently employed as a preacher, where she preaches about God. She is a Pastor at Emmanuel Brinklow SDA, according to her LinkedIn page. Here is a video of her speaking at a church about her knowledge.

Private life

Shantel’s mother is her primary support system and role model; she taught her to be tough. In terms of dating, her Instagram photos indicate that she is in a romantic relationship with a lovely man who she also considers a best friend. Shantel has yet to reveal her identity to the public, but hopefully we will learn more details as the show progresses.

Season 41 of ‘Survivor’ premieres on CBS, the CBS app, and Paramount+ on September 22 at 8/7c.

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