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AMLO meets with actors and directors to bring cinema to remote towns; “receive us too”, ask Seeking Mothers

AMLO meets with actors and directors to bring cinema to remote towns
AMLO meets with actors and directors to bring cinema to remote towns

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the current President of Mexico, has expressed his willingness to collaborate with Mexican film industry professionals, including actors, actresses, and directors, to bring Mexican cinema to the most rural areas of the nation. The President of the United States said in a tweet that he had a meeting with several artists, who pitched the concept of screening movies in some of the most inaccessible parts of the nation to him during their conversation.

“I was contacted by actors, actresses, and directors who had the notion of showing films in the most distant communities of Mexico,” he added. “They wanted to see whether there was interest in doing so.”

He continued by saying, “We decided to collaborate on this project.” You can see several famous people, like the filmmaker Alberto Cortés, the actress Arcelia Ramrez, and the actor Jorge Zárate, in the picture that he shared with you. The organization Searching Mothers of Mexico condemned President López Obrador for not welcoming them as well and expressed their disappointment in him.

The organization that looks for those who have gone missing stated in a statement that they also want to represent the reality of the nation. The message was posted on Twitter. They signaled to the President, “Receive us, President, we want to provide an alternative,” and requested the spokesperson for the president, Jess Ramrez Cuevas, for assistance. Jess Ramrez Cuevas Since it started keeping records of missing individuals on March 15, 1964, the National Search Commission has reported up to that day that 100000 people had been reported as missing and had not been discovered. This report was made public on Monday.

The information that can be accessed on its real-time map, which can be located on the website of the federal government, reveals that 9,914 persons have been discovered deceased within the same period. On May 10, thousands of mothers marched in Mexico City and other states, demanding that the Mexican authorities increase their efforts in the search for disappeared persons and prevention, at a time when the country was approaching the 100,000 missing and missing persons mark. The marchers demanded that the Mexican authorities expand their efforts in the search for disappeared persons and prevention.

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