The latest trend in Hollywood will take you literally 5 seconds to have it

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid

Last year, the fashion that reigned in hair was the long mane to the waist. Many Hollywood stylists called the “hair Cher” recalling the iconic look of the singer in the 70’s that had a long out of the ordinary. You saw him everywhere: J. Lo had it up to his waist, Rihanna to his derriere, and of course Nicki Minaj who still wears it, and at one point it even reached his ankles.

A very modern style, but quite uncomfortable and not very functional. That yes, according to Refinery29, this trend opened the doors for another more timeless fashion, and is the party in half.

This simple change in the position of your hair can transform your face in seconds. It’s a young style, and splitting it in the center has something that makes you feel fresh and current, regardless of the length of your hair or the texture. Also, it only takes you seconds to get this look!

Let’s see some of the famous ones that joined the trend:

Jennifer Lopez

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If you do not like the perfect look, you can give it a twist, like J.Lo and his textured, messy, and rebellious style at the Billboard awards.

Olivia Munn

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Olivia Munn knows how to wear it with elegance. At the Met Gala this year, she added a veil to go with the theme of the event.


Emiley Clarke

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The star of Game of Thrones gave his personal touch with some strands behind the ears.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid kept the length and added the game to half. Natural and chic

Priyanka Chopra

The latest trend in Hollywood will take you literally 5 seconds to have it
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Priyanka Chopra is not far behind in what she is using, but she knows that with Californian waves the style favors her 100%.

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