Study revealed that by 2030 couples would no longer have sex

A British statistician was in charge of carrying out this controversial investigation.

Study revealed that by 2030 couples would no longer have sex
Study revealed that by 2030 couples would no longer have sex

The sex is an integral part of the life of a couple, but over the years and the new styles of life, in which someone only has two times dealing with their responsibilities, has noticeably affected the performance and frequency of people in privacy. This, added to a study carried out by an expert, reinforces the idea that each time people have intimate relationships in lesser quantity.

The investigation was conducted by the British statistician David Spiegelhalter of the University of Cambridge and concluded that by 2030 the couples no longer have sex. For this, he collected information from a survey of thousands of people in the United Kingdom, between 16 and 64 years of age.

After analyzing all the answers, he found that in the early 1990s sexual encounters of couples were five times per month, while couples were formed after the year 2000, had only privacy three times a week, so there was a 40% decrease in 20 years. According to Spiegelhalter if couples follow this line by 2030, it will reduce even more.
In his book, ‘ Sex by Numbers,’ the statistician revealed that one of the main reasons why couples have reduced the number of times they have sex is because of the advancement of technology since it now takes more time in social networks, and various applications quickly and conveniently on a smartphone.

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