Yanet García took off her shirt and took an impressive Video for her OnlyFans Followers

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Yanetgarcia Hoy Televisa Chica Clima Sexy Trasero
yanetgarcia hoy televisa chica clima sexy trasero

Yanet García shared a video that she recorded from her cell phone camera. She appeared without a shirt and exposed her pale pink bra, with lace and transparency. The former weather girl put all her curves in front of the camera and smiled with total sensuality while letting the gaze of her fans settle like a caress on her

Yanet seems to have surrendered to the beauty of the color pink. And now that he celebrates moving to New York, he also shows off what appears to be his first bag from the luxury house Hermes, which is in pink.

Prior to these publications, Yanet García has posed in front of the beach with an ultra-revealing dress, because she left the curves of her body naked. Underneath the garment she wore what appears to be a tiny bikini, but the shape of this dress of hers made her look almost naked at times.

The pink bra seen in the first image is combined with pink and transparent lace.

About her ex, Lewis Howes and nobody says much in the world of Hispanic entertainment. He is known to be the boyfriend of actress Martha Higareda. Some say that although he looks happy with her, he does not seem to be as happy as when he was seen with Yanet García.

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