Yanet García, the ‘Climate Girl’, showed off her rear to the fullest by doing a squat with tight leggings

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Yanet Garcia Wears A Transparent Dress And Raises The Temperature From The Beach
Yanet Garcia wears a transparent dress and raises the temperature from the beach

Yanet García, the “climate girl” once again drove her followers crazy with a publication in which she is seen exercising her spectacular figure.

The Mexican who attracted attention for her statuesque body while giving the weather reports on the “Hoy” program, captivated her fans with a photograph in which she squats with a sports outfit that fits her and enhances her rear.

“ Keep the vision, trust the process ”, he wrote in the post. And is that the model moved to the United States to fulfill her dream: to be a nutritional coach.

With the effort and discipline that she has shown in her social networks, the Mexican is already very close to what she dreams of, and for that reason, she began to motivate her followers to start a healthy lifestyle, showing that she not only knows how to pose for the cameras in sexy lingerie sets showing off her figure.

The comments of his fans did not wait. “ I want you to train me”, “Beautiful woman”, “Excellent, pretty, and beautiful”, and “A goddess ”, they wrote to her.

Let us remember that Yanet has become a sensual bombshell with her frequent photographs, leaving very little to the imagination. The model has a spectacular body and she is very proud of it showing it on the networks with hot lingerie sets.

In addition, the Mexican has made a great fortune with the exclusive content that she publishes on the OnlyFans adult content platform.

Yanet Garcia vs. Martha Higareda

Although Yanet is not used to entering into controversies, a few months ago she broke her silence by assuring that her ex-partner, a businessman named Lewis Howes. According to a supposed close source who declared in TvNotas, Marta and Lewis began to flirt when he was still with Yanet.

“First they exchanged messages since they had known each other for months and he began to flirt with her. He no longer cared about her relationship. And the last straw was that while he decided to break up with Yanet, he was already one of the most outspoken with Martha and they even went out a couple of times. Lewis took advantage of the fact that Martha played along with him and from there he grabbed to finish with Yanet, he gave her the excuse that her OnlyFans bothered her, “he assured.

Even though Martha publicly accepted that they are dating, at first they just wanted to show that they were just friends.

“They will only say that they are good friends so as not to be criticized. The courtship has just begun, but they are very excited and in love. Lewis is a great match and also treats her like a queen, ”said the source months ago before they formalized their relationship. Luckily, Yanet has continued with her life normally, although she did want to make it clear in her networks that she felt betrayed by her ex.

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