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The flirtatious former weather girl Yanet García once again managed to make her millions of admirers fall in love with a photograph

The flirtatious former weather girl Yanet García once again managed to charm her millions of admirers with a photograph, this time to wish good night to all those who follow her on social networks.

The fitness girl fell in love with her followers with her hot curves in her most recent publication, where she showed off her attributes with a flirtatious outfit.

Through her official Instagram account, the actress also shared a photo with a beautiful outfit, which was soon filled with reactions and comments about her angelic beauty

It should be noted that Yanet García is more than used to promoting her exclusive content on her social networks, and it is that only on the famous Instagram social network she captivates her more than 14.5 million followers.

Goodnight”, wrote the television presenter in the publication that we mentioned to you.

Yanet García Says Good Night Wearing A Pastel Outfit

As you may remember, her appearances as presenter of Climate in the program “Gente Regia” became popular in Mexico, which projected her in her career as a host, becoming one of the figures of Hoy en Televisa.

The truth is that it is no secret to anyone that Yanet García has established herself as one of the most important entertainment figures in the world of social networks

In addition, it is relevant to mention that after establishing herself in the industry by succeeding in the Hoy program, the model and influencer found on Instagram the perfect place to stay close to the millions of followers she has garnered throughout her career.

Yanet García Says Good Night Wearing A Pastel Outfit

On more than one occasion, Yanet García has been characterized by being independent, since she left her comfort zone in Mexico to try her luck in the United States, a country in which she has done quite well.

And it is that in addition to sharing photos showing off her statuesque figure, she also shares photos in which she shows off her strong taste for fashion, a passion that is marked in the decoration of her apartment

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