Yalitza Aparicio brags about her vacation to Niagara Falls

Yalitza Aparicio
Yalitza Aparicio

Even movie stars take time to ponder and recover, which is why the famous Yalitza Aparicio enthused about her vacation to Canada and the magnificent Niagara Falls.

There is no doubt that Alfonso Cuarón’s film Roma forever changed the life of its outstanding protagonist, Yalitza Aparicio, who now travels the world and boasted about her visit to the breathtaking Niagara Falls in recent days.

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The famous actress, who was born in Oaxaca, took a few days off from her hectic work schedule to visit Canada, where she not only got to know the towns but also visited one of the most iconic places: Niagara Falls.

Yalitza’s Instagram account has been used to share her new adventures in that country with her followers. She also shared a video with a nice insight about people’s leisure time and how crucial it is not to devote your entire life to work.

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As we all know, after Rome, the actress has been a magazine model, an activist, and has taken on other projects, so she has had many activities in recent years, so this time she decided to go on vacation to Canada, where he visited Toronto a few days ago. Without a doubt, a significant shift in her life.

The protagonist of “Presencias” released a “reel” of her journey to Niagara Falls with her more than 2.3 million Instagram followers. She also invited her supporters to take time for themselves and their lives, in addition to exhibiting the startling sights of this location and some shots in which she is seen enjoying the environment.

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This film was accompanied by an audio of José Mujica, Uruguay’s former president, reflecting on the fact that not everything in life is work, because you have to take time to do the activities that people enjoy, thus freedom is doing what makes individuals happy.

“You are free when you spend the time of your life on things that you like, that motivate you,” Yalitza wrote in her publication. In the audio you can hear: “Life is not just working, you have to leave a good chapter for the madness that each one has. Because one thing that you do out of obligation you are not free, you are free when you spend time in your life on things that motivate you, that you like”.

Yalitza Aparicio, 29, has traveled to places such as Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Impact Awards; similarly, she was recently invited to the Sundance Independent Film Festival, in Utah, United States, where, in addition to making an impression with her winter look, she surprised by dancing with Tenoch Huerta.

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