5 things you should do on your next trip to Valle de Bravo

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Valle de Bravo is a magical town in the State of Mexico that is located very close to the capital. The old name of this town was  Temascaltepec, a Nahuatl word that is made up of temazcalli and which in Spanish means steam bath and type or place on the hill and which together means place on the hill of baths. of steam

The easiest way to get to Valle de Bravo, if you come from Mexico City, is by the route to the west, on Paseo de la Reforma where you must take the road that goes to Toluca and cross to go to Temascaltepec, a town which is located a little after the Nevado de Toluca.

What to do in Valle de Bravo?

Like all the magical towns of Mexico, Valle de Bravo has many tourist and natural attractions that you should not miss on your trip to this beautiful place. Next, we will share some of the things that you can do on your next trip that is unmissable when you visit Valle de Bravo, many of which you will want to repeat.

1. Visit the Bridal Veil Waterfall

Bridal Veil Falls (Niagara Falls) - Wikipedia

It is a natural attraction that will leave you impressed, as it is a spectacular waterfall with a 35-meter high waterfall that is surrounded by a beautiful, thick, and green forest that will leave you breathless. On some dates of the year, there is the opportunity to take a good dip in the lower part, where the river that forms this waterfall passes and you can even practice other activities such as mountain biking or hiking, an activity not suitable for the faint of heart.

2. Get to know the Piedra Herrada Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary 

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Private Tour From Mexico City 2022 - Viator

This place offers one of the most beautiful natural spectacles, the arrival of millions of butterflies to Mexican lands; something that we should all see at least once in our lives because these beautiful beings fly more than 33 days traveling a distance of 4 thousand kilometers from Canada to get to do their mating and reproduction rituals during February and March.

3. Climb to the Mirador de la Peña 

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It has its origin in pre-Hispanic times since it is known that the ancient inhabitants of this town used to come to the viewpoint to perform therapeutic rituals in temazcals that have been located on the rock, that is where its old name of Temascaltepec comes from. The tour to the viewpoint is suitable for all ages, but you must bear in mind that the slopes are long with rocky paths, so you must have a good physical condition. 

4. Enjoy the Cerro de la Cruz 

Cerro De La Cruz | Antigua Guatemala | Guatemala | Afar

It is the ideal place to carry out one of the extreme activities preferred by travelers, such as a paragliding flight, as it has the ideal atmospheric conditions to glide smoothly, excellent instructors with all the patience in the world, and the best views of the beautiful town. Magic of Valle de Bravo. This hill is 1000 meters high and in addition to the town of Valle, you can see the towns of Santa Fé, Alicún, and Alhama.

5. Walk through the neighborhood of Santa María Ahuacatlán

Centro Y El Barrio De Santa María Ahuacatlán | Valle De Bravo

Here you will find unmissable sites such as the Parish of San Francisco de Asís, a construction dating from the 16th century, as well as the Chapel of Santa María, which houses the Black Christ. Legend has it that on May 3, while celebrating the Santa Cruz, the people of La Peña were surprised by their enemies, those of Ahuacatlán, and due to the euphoria of the festivities and the heat of the pulques, a battle began. , which led to the burning of the hermitage, where the image of Christ was located. However, despite the veracity of the fire, the image of Christ did not burn, it remained intact but changed color, now it is completely and irreversibly black.

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