Who is Sam Asghari, the man who will walk Britney down the aisle?

The dream of the so-called Princess of Pop was fulfilled

Sam Asghari partner of Britney Spears
Sam Asghari partner of Britney Spears

The bells are already ringing for the “Princess of Pop”,  Britney Spears, and her fiancé Sam AsghariAfter a long relationship that began in 2016, after the music video for the artist’s single  “Slumber Party”, today the couple will finally marry in a private event because according to the “TZM” media, only one hundred people will attend. But who is the man who will take Britney to the altar? Here we tell you.

In Spears’ video where she wears a flamboyant red dress, Sam Asghari played a man whose love interest was posted on the artist. According to “ELLE” magazine, Asghari commented in an interview that at first, he was not very good at making the “Princess” laugh, however, they ended up going to eat sushi after rehearsing the material.

In January 2017, the singer made their relationship public, when she posted a photo on Instagram with her now-fiancé along with the phrase “Happy new year”, while in the image, Sam surrounds her body.

Who is Sam Asghari, the man who will walk Britney down the aisle?

As in any couple, both lived happy and bittersweet moments, because together they spent the moment when Britney was admitted to a mental health center in 2019, as well as the loss of her baby recently.

Britney expressed on several occasions that she wanted to start a family with Asghari and of course get married.

Who is Sam Asghari?

Asghari is an Iranian actor who emigrated with his family to the United States when he was 4 years old. In addition to being an artist, he is also a personal trainer. The aspirant to the Hollywood world suffered the separation of his parents, which had an impact on the then adolescent, and he focused on sports such as American football, which he practiced semi-professionally.

However, sports was not her only passion, as she also attended castings to be a model, a suggestion shared by her sister, according to the magazine “Men’s Health”. At 21 years old, Sam was already part of the catwalks of the North American country and even his image appeared in Super Bowl advertisements.

The actor did not touch the musical world until he met Britney, but before, because he had a small role in the video “Work from Home”, by the band Fifth Harmony, from which the artist Camila Cabello later came out. The Fifth Harmony material was just the bridge that connected him to his now-wife.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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