Wendy Guevara is renewed and boasts an envy figure with which she will be in OnlyF

Wendy Guevara
Wendy Guevara

After 7 hours of the procedure, the youtuber from the group of creators ‘Las perdidas’ showed what was done and the partial results

Over the weekend Wendy Guevara , creator of trans content who has stood out on platforms thanks to the viral video of ” Las perdidas ” and her charisma, decided to submit herself to the scalpel again to renew her figure and achieve a radical change with which she will seek to stand out in show business and obviously in his new profile on the OnlyF platform.


Wendy Guevara de Las Perdidas lamenta que leoneses le tiren tanto en redes  sociales - Periódico AM


The member of the group known as Las perdidas, shared a series of short videos through Instagram stories , just like her colleagues did, in which she taught something about her pre and post surgery .

7 hours of intervention are what Wendy Guevara had to undergo in order to achieve a radical change in different areas of her figure and face. On this occasion, the influencer, who had previously undergone other surgeries, decided to increase the size of the breast implants , have double chin lipo , lipo marking on the waist and abdomen , better design on the hips and increase the size of her buttocks . with lipo transfer.


Ya tiene Onlyfans! Wendy Guevara promete fotos candentes con su amigo  Marlon; cobrará 15 dólares - Periódico AM

Obviously the results of this intervention will be fully known in a few months, although in the next week some of the changes will also be contemplated as the patient’s swelling goes down.

Wendy Guevara ¿quién es y por qué la acusan de transfóbica? | Unión CDMX

Wendy has highlighted that she was nervous before the surgery, and that the procedure was quite tiring, however, she has

been quite happy with the results and starting the recovery process with all her spirits, which is undoubtedly one of the most difficult that people who decide to undergo cosmetic surgery live, particularly when it is as big as the one that Guevara decided to perform.


Wendy Guevara y su posible participación en Televisa - Mexico Show


For now, the reactions of her colleagues and friends have been quite flattering, highlighting that she had a great body of luxury and that she is still inflamed.

This is how the Mexican content creator has been keeping her followers waiting on how she came out of the procedure, and fortunately everything seems to indicate that she is doing great and starting the recovery in the best way in order to obtain the results more suitable and close to what is proposed.

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