We finally meet the actor who will play Alan Scott’s Green Lantern in the HBO series Max

The Green Lantern series continues to advance on HBO Max. We finally meet the actor who will play the popular Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern in history.

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Green Lantern will return to screens through HBO Max. The actor Jeremy Irvine shared through his profile on Instagram an image in which he appears next to a drawing of Alan Scott , the iconic DC character . The post is accompanied by the following message, translated from English: “ I’m so excited to join the DC Universe! I’m really looking forward to getting started, ”along with the hashtag #GreenLantern.

Jeremy Irvine will play who is referred to as the “first Green Lantern,” Alan Scott. This character has an important tradition in DC comics. However, its film adaptation in 2011 did not have the desired impact. The failure was such that even Ryan Reynolds, who was the protagonist, has parodied it in other productions (Deadpool).

The latest installment of Justice League featured Yalan Gur’s Green Lantern as part of one of the film’s matches. But neither in her nor in another production did she delve into these characters. The series, on the contrary, will take care of giving them the space they deserve. Jeremy Irvine’s confirmation suggests that the project is well under way on HBO Max , although it is still in an early stage of development.

What is known about the ‘Green Lantern’ series?

Green Lantern-Inspired Series for HBO Max, From Greg Berlanti | TVLine

HBO Green Lantern
So far, there is no estimated release date. It is known, however, that HBO Max is working on the production, that it will be a series and that behind it are Geoff John (production), Seth Grahame-Smith and Marc Guggenheim (screenwriters). The confirmed actors are Jeremy Irvine and Finn Wittrock, who will play Guy Gardner .

The characters of Alan Scott and Guy Gardner, according to an advance notice from HBO Max, will be joined by those of Jessica Cruz , Simon Baz and Kilowog . Who will be the villain of the production? Sinister Thaal . This breadth within the characters allows us to intuit that the adaptation will be close to the narrative of the comics.

The Green Lantern series will have 10 chapters during its first season. It should be remembered that different superheroes meet under the Green Lantern label. They are characterized by a ring that gives them different powers. In the comics, Green Lantern first appeared in All-American Comics # 16, published in 1940. It was created by screenwriter Bill Finger , with drawings by Martín Nodell .

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