“We cannot neglect the gym”: Ninel Conde shows her abdomen of steel to encourage taking care of herself at Christmas

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Ninel Conde 9
ninel conde 9

Ninel Conde knows well that between the parties, the joy, the holidays, and the good food at the end of the year, sometimes we forget to give the necessary care to the body. That is why the Mexican singer and actress has advised her followers to say goodbye to the year in shape.

“This month a few of us will break the diet… do we agree? 🤭😅”, Conde said on Instagram accompanied by some photos in the gym, where he shows off an enviable figure and a movie abdomen.

“That’s why we can’t neglect the gym. So I’ll leave you with three exercises that are in my weekly routine and you can do them at home, without needing weights 💪🏼,” said the actress.

According to the protagonist of Fuego en la Sangre, the first thing they should do is squat. “They improve posture, we exercise legs, and we tone the booty! They are great for training the lower body,” she assured.

“Another exercise I love is sit-ups. They improve our stamina, balance, and abs. 😉,” she said.

Finally, Conde recommended not forgetting “the upper body”, which includes the pectorals, arms, and shoulders.

“My favorite exercise to work on it is push-ups or push-ups, you don’t just work your arms but many other parts of the body… An all-in-one! 😂”, he said.

The followers were very grateful for his recommendations and celebrated the spectacular figure that Conde maintains.

“Disciplined and beautiful Ninel😍”; “what a great body, divine”; “beautiful always heart”, “because seeing you alone makes me want to get in shape”, “you look super beautiful and radiant”, they told her.

But in recent times, not everything for Conde has been causing celebration, since he has been in legal conflicts over the custody of his youngest son, Emmanuel, due to his relationship with Larry Ramos, a fugitive from the US justice, who accuses him of fraud.

“I am a woman of faith, who has always encountered adversity, this is complex. However, I am calm because we have all the sufficient elements too, at the time, give the accounts that have to be given,” she said at the beginning of the month.

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