Venice Film Festival: Emma Stone looks seductive, appeared with her boyfriend Taylor Swift

Venice Film Festival Emma Stone Looks Seductive Appeared With Her Boyfriend Taylor Swift

The red carpet of the Venice Film Festival continues its 75th anniversary with the participation of world famous stars.

On Thursday, the premiere of “The Favorite” took place at the 75th Venice Film Festival with the participation of celebrities cinema hit.

Emma Stone is especially prominent when dresses penetrating Sequin seams and high-cut dress, seductive gentle but not too phông.

Much of the commentary focused on the delicate beauty of the actress’s appearances with her co-stars, including Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Joe Alwyn.
Emma Stone is wearing a seductive gown, appearing with her boyfriend Taylor Swift – Photo 1.


Emma Stone appears on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival.
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She Co-Starred With Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift And Yorgos Lathimos.
She Co-Starred With Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift And Yorgos Lathimos.



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