Taylor Swift releases ‘All of the Girls You loved Before’ from the Lover Era and It’s Absolutely Magical!

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It’s crazy how Taylor Swift does it. Creates such heartfelt, gorgeous songs that hit you like a brick of long lost feelings and keep you hooked!
Her “All of the Girls You Loved Before” that Taylor Swift released a day ago, in celebration of her Eras Tour kicking off soon, got me unwinding all the feels. And I couldn’t help but dive deeper into it.
The song begins with a low haunting hun, mimics the beating of a heart. And takes off with the lyrics, reminiscing “late fights over the phone” and all the times she was left “feeling alone”
The beauty of ‘All of the Girls You Loved Before” is that somewhere far away, lost in her experiences as she sings it, you begin remembering yours, relating your own past emotional ups and downs with the words of the song.
Taylor Swift – All Of The Girls You Loved Before Lyrics | Genius Lyrics
And then Taylor gives it a magical, wholesome turn with,
“All of the Girls you’ve loved before,
made you the one I’ve fallen for.”
Taylor Swift Shares Previously Unreleased Song "All Of The Girls You Loved  Before": Listen
The gratitude that the song fills you up with is immense when she begins singing how every “dead-end street” of the past “led you straight to me.”
In the mirror of her lyrics, you begin seeing a reflection of yourself, wondering and hoping to arrive at such a grateful point as Taylor has in the song.
This song from Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover era’ is a melodious, heart-warming, and poignant masterpiece that you simply cannot afford to miss.

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Written by Rashi Gautam

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