Today’s Show: Will the former driver return in Venga la Alegría?

Venga la Alegria
Venga la Alegria

After quitting the Las Estrellas broadcast, a beloved former Hoy host shocked viewers by appearing in a recent broadcast of ” Venga la Alegría “.

The superstar left many people flabbergasted when he announced that he will join the tournament this Sunday, and fans were quick to voice their opinions, requesting that he remain in the race indefinitely.

Venga la alegría (TV Series 2006– ) - IMDb

The Ajusco morning program stated on social media on Sunday, February 19, that the speaker who was also a part of the Hoy program will be a guest on the final weekend broadcast.

Following the adjustments made by both producers, some of the conductors who featured in other programs, such as Pedro Prieto, have been assimilated into their ranks.

Lista de los conductores que ha tenido Venga la Alegría

The beloved former Hoy host is on trial in the broadcast with Mauricio Barcelata, for which the former Televisa colleague came to the broadcast of “Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana “.

Upon his arrival, the 36-year-old presenter would not only discuss parts of his personal life, but would also participate in the dynamics of the program or deliver something specific for which he was the “guest of honor.”

Venga la Alegría presentó a su nueva productora - Grupo Milenio

The Spanish actor and conductor was joined by dancers from “Carmen escuela de Flamenco,” who greeted him with great enthusiasm, and afterwards, the rest of the cast came up to greet him as he never stopped complimenting them for their performances.

On the other hand, social media users were divided when it came to the arrival of the former Televisa host, who left at the end of 2021, with some commenting that they expected his participation to be final, and while there was no shortage of samples of displeasure on the part of some users, there were also more positive reactions.

Venga la Alegría: ¿Quiénes son los nuevos conductores y quiénes fueron despedidos?

“Let him stay forever,” “I adore seeing Pedro Prieto on the program, it’s urgent to hire,” “Let Pedro stay,” “Leave him as a driver, we’re all enjoying his charisma,” and more comments were left.

What do you think?

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