Today’s Ephemeris January 14, 2023: What Happened On January 14?    

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On January 14Th
On January 14th

King Felipe VI of Bourbon and Queen Letizia Ortiz, formerly Princes of Asturias and now Kings of Spain, celebrate the christening of their first daughter, Infanta Leonor, on this day in 2006. Don Juan Carlos and Doa Sofia served as godparents at the event, which was held at the Palacio de la Zarzuela.

King Felipe VI of Borbón and his daughters, Infantas Doa Elena and Doa Cristina, were baptized in the same font at Santo Domingo de Guzmán. It’s crafted from smooth white stone and adorned with silver and gold accents, such as the Santo Domingo Order’s distinctive shields.

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Cardinal Don Antonio Mara Rouco Varela presided over the ceremony, which was conducted with water from the Jordan River and traditional Christian garb worn by King Juan Carlos, King Felipe VI de Borbón, the Infantas Doa Elena and Doa Cristina, and their children for their own baptisms.

The Madrid Astrobiology Center (CAB) was opened in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) on January 14, 2003. It is the sole NASA-affiliated facility located outside of the United States.

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Inaugurated by the Head of State, José Mara Aznar, the new institution is a part of INTA, the National Institute of Aerospace Technology, and has a budget of over 20 million euros. Construction on the CAB building began at the close of 1999, and it currently stands on an area of about 7 thousand square feet. There, scientists from all over the world use cutting-edge equipment in specialized labs to explore, among other things, how life got started.

You’re interested, right? Find out about the births and deaths of people who shared January 14th by exploring the ephemeris. Also, don’t forget about the saints and horoscope for today.

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On January 14th, what transpired?

The first ever live satellite transmission was of an Elvis Presley concert, which took place in Hawaii in 1973.

The ‘Flying’ nightclub fire in Zaragoza, Spain, claimed the lives of 43 people in 1990.

A pact to eliminate the Ukrainian nuclear arsenal was signed in 1994 by Presidents Boris Yeltsin of Russia, Bill Clinton of the United States, and Leonid Kravchuk of Ukraine.

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The Tunisian president, Zine el Abidine Ben Ali, resigns in 2011 following a month of protests that resulted in over 200 deaths.

2013 saw the implementation of a new immigration law in Cuba, lifting limitations that had been in place for decades.

Construction on a boulevard in the Gamonal area of Burgos, Spain, was halted in 2014 after five days of demonstrations.

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Pawel Adamowicz, mayor of Gdansk, Poland, was stabbed to death during a charity event the night before in 2019.

Three people are killed and another is injured in an explosion at a petrochemical facility in Tarragona in the year 2020.

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Which famous person had a birthday in January 14?

Tony Cantó, a Spanish actor and politician, was born in 1965.

It was in 1967 that British actress Emily Watson was born.

In 1971, the Spanish journalist and comic Manel Fuentes was born.

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Spain’s Rodolfo Sancho actor was born in 1975.

Rosa López, aka “Rosa,” a Spanish singer, was born in 1981.

Former Spanish soccer star Vctor Valdés in 1982.

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Which person passed away on January 14?

In 1898, English novelist Lewis Carroll (real name: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) published his classic children’s book “Alice in Wonderland.”

Born in 1949, Spanish composer Joaqun Turina is widely regarded as one of the country’s most important.

Humphrey Bogart, an American actor, died in 1957.

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Spanish bullfighter Julio Robles was born in 2001.

Shelley Winters, American actress who passed away in 2006.

Mexico’s Ricardo Montalbán has been an actor since 2009.

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The 14th of January marks what holiday or celebration?

It’s both World Logic Day (January 14) and International Kite Day (January 14).

This week’s horoscope for January 14

People who entered the zodiac on January 14 are Capricorns.

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