Through his words, Karol G speaks the truth and motivates his fans

Karol G
Karol G

“My face doesn’t look like that, my body doesn’t look like that,” singer Karol G said after her face was published on the cover of a magazine.


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GQ magazine often focuses on fashion, style, and current events. The cover, which features singer Karol G as the prominent face, will be revealed on Thursday, April 6, providing the Colombian with an excellent opportunity to market a little about her artistic career.


CLICKING HERE you can see the publication.


But, what was supposed to be a new milestone to celebrate turned into a pleasant circumstance for the interpreter of ” Tusa “, as all was described in a new post she wrote on her social networks, describing her feelings. and, with each step, he inspires his following.


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When Karol G noticed her face on the cover of GQ, she took it as a lack of respect for her person, because the lady who appeared did not look like her real face at all, implying that the photo passed through numerous revisions before being unveiled.


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The Medelln girl sent two distinct photographs, the first of which exposed her face without a single drop of makeup, and the second of which was used as the cover, where you could see the clear differences that emerged on her face, for all editions for which it was submitted.

In the publication’s description, Karol G conveyed his feelings as follows:


“Today my GQ magazine cover was released, a cover with an image that does NOT represent me. My face doesn’t look like that, my body doesn’t look like that and I feel very happy and comfortable with how I look naturally.”


Then, he expresses his conflicted thoughts about being on the cover of GQ magazine:


“I appreciate the opportunity magazine because I was very happy when they confirmed that I would be there, but despite making clear my disagreement with the number of edits they made to the photo, they did nothing about it, as if to see me well I needed all those changes.”

Coming out to speak the truth gained him millions of praises from netizens, who praised his bravery in admitting that he didn’t look that way, encouraging true self-love and embracing yourself exactly as you are.

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