This is how Ninel Conde appeared in the movies

Ninel Conde

We all know that the famous chocolate reached its pinnacle on television, appearing in many programmes, the most interesting of which was “Como en el cine.”

After 20 years, many of the people who watched this programme remembered that Ninel Conde was one of the actors that shone the brightest back then, and we were able to remember what she looked like thanks to an image given by Olivia Collins.

Ninel Conde in Bathing Suit Says "Happy Monday" — Celebwell

The first episode aired on April 30, 2001, and the series concluded on April 5, 2002. This project concluded after 245 episodes, with Mauricio Ochmann and Lorena Rojas as protagonists, Sergio Mayer, rsula Prats, ngela Fuste, Juan Alfonso Batista, among others, and Ninel as the cast.

Let us recall that in that programme, they had the presence of some major musical groups such as elefante, oreja de Van Gogh, and even Los Tucanes de Tijuana, a show where the legendary Mexican managed to exhibit her talents for singing and dancing, and which her followers still cherish.

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