They exhibit Shakira! Former employee of the singer reveals her demands and rudeness

A woman who worked with Shakira of ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ made various accusations against her

Shakira has become one of the most beloved singers around the world in recent years after exposing the enormous charisma that she transmits through social networks, where she has been very close to her followers and cordial with everyone.

Shakira exhibited

They Exhibit Shakira! Former Employee Of The Singer Reveals Her Demands And Rudeness

However, a woman identified as Cristina Cárdenas, mentioned that she worked with Shakira of “Hips Don’t Lie” and assured her that you cannot look her in the eye, she even had to turn around when she passed, you could not take any photography and much less could you speak to her.

The woman, who served as coordinator of actors for the singer’s videos, also revealed that if a woman appeared who would attract more attention, she would throw her out of the shoot and it would be impossible to work with her since her attitude made the film crew so desperate production like the other participants.

They reveal the demands and rudeness of the singer

They Exhibit Shakira! Former Employee Of The Singer Reveals Her Demands And Rudeness

“She is bossy. A video of Shakira that could last four hours for the shots takes up to seventeen hours because it exasperates the producer, the directors, everyone in general,” she mentioned.


Added to these statements was the Spanish journalist Javier de Hoyos, who stated that the Colombian does not treat her colleagues very well and even marks a lot of distance, since the relationship with the press is usually quite tense and even, recently, Shakira and the soccer player Gerard Piqué, doused a reporter with water from the windshield of her vehicle.

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