They capture Lorenzo Méndez with a new love

The singer revealed the name of his supposed girlfriend and the months they have been together.

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UNITED STATES.- After separating from Chiquis Rivera, Lorenzo Méndez seems to have healed his heart with a new girl.

The 34-year-old singer was caught in Las Vegas, very caramelized next to his supposed girlfriend, with whom he has allegedly been with him for a few months.

Jokingly, Méndez mentioned that the name of his new conquest is called Shaniqua, however, it is speculated that her name is Jennifer.
They capture Lorenzo Méndez with a new love
Likewise, Lorenzo commented that he has been dating “Shaniqua” for four months , whom he did not want to present in front of the cameras.

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They capture Lorenzo Méndez with a new love
However, after having said that he does have a relationship, he contradicted himself and claimed to be single, since he is still married to Chiquis.

She is a friend, I am still married […] it’s that one is alone, it is that they no longer want him, that is, my wife is already with someone else and one is alone, ”said Lorenzo.

In the comments of the interview, some netizens highlighted that it seemed that Méndez was drunk, because of the way he spoke and the jokes he made.

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