There was even a massage for Tania Rincón and her new routine as a single woman

Tania Rinconn
Tania Rinconn

Tania Rincón, the popular host of the Hoy program, begins her life as a single woman after announcing her divorce from her spouse, and this is what she has done to pamper herself.

Tania Rincón, the famous anchor of the Hoy program, formally declared her separation process with her spouse Daniel Pérez, and the television star has withdrawn herself a bit from her social networks, at least this week, because she is in a new process.

Tania Rincón anuncia la separación de su esposo tras 16 años juntos | PorEsto

The lack of activity on Tania Rincón’s Instagram account relates to the new stage in which the renowned is currently at. Even the most astute observer could see for weeks that things were not going well in her marriage, because it was a pair that published everything on their social media platforms.

Tania Rincón seemed to be adjusting into this new stage in which she will have to start again after openly facing her separation and recounting the decision that she and the father of her children made on the Hoy program through tears and with a lump in her throat.

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Tania Rincón has shown a little of her new routine, already separated from her husband, through her Instagram stories, drawing attention to the fact that she has stopped publishing things that she lives in the morning.

since it was already a tradition that she boasted her beauty with the outfits she wears on the show every day, but now she shows another facet.

Tania Rincón -

Tania Rincón has begun to share motivating phrases and messages in the last few hours that help us understand how she feels right now, because, even though the decision she made was in agreement with her ex-partner.

she always faces a duel when she sees that the relationship he thought would last a lifetime has ended.

“I am part of the generation of women who are no longer afraid,” says one of the phrases shared by the beautiful host.”

Yet, despite the fact that her marriage did not work out, her duty as a mother will never change. As a result, the television star released a snapshot of herself in her role as a mother, snapping a photo of her feet, and wrote: “Mum who waits.”

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Similarly, he displayed a photo of a lovely children’s book, which appeared to appeal to his eldest son, Patricio, who, like his tiny daughter, is his engine.

Tania Rincón spent a tranquil afternoon among her children’s activities in this manner, sending the message that “life continues on.”

Tania Rincón revela lo difícil que fue perder un bebé

Eventually, in her most recent publication, Tania Rincón released a snapshot of a massage room in which we see the bed with a white sheet and a small lamp with faint light in the background, so that the famous .

She decided to spoil herself and take some time out for herself. As a result, the presenter gradually reveals her new stage as a single lady.

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