The Walking Dead: what you need to know about season 9

This is what you have to know before watching The Walking Dead and its season 9
The new episodes of AMC’s zombie series return to Spain on FOX with farewells and welcome to some characters.

Season 9 of The Walking Dead brings back the famous series of zombies on the television grill. Its premiere has taken place this October 7 in the United States and in Spain has been able to see also this first episode at that dawn on FOX, in addition to having planned a premiere in prime time for October 8 on that channel. The new batch of chapters will continue with the story of the group of Rick survivors and come loaded with new features.

If you want to know everything that is to come and prepare to continue with this television zombie apocalypse, then we collect all the information related to this season 9 of The Walking Dead and its plot. We warn that from here there are spoilers.

Trailer and synopsis

After gathering the survivors under his control and teaching them a tough lesson on how to live by their rules, Negan will continue to sow chaos within the different groups. However, Rick and his companions will not give up and will try to forge alliances with the other groups of survivors to end the threats of the Saviors in a wider and more dangerous world than they had imagined.

Number of episodes

The ninth season of The Walking Dead will have a total of 16 episodes. Its emission will begin with a chapter of a duration superior to the habitual one, around hour and average, that has been directed by the executive producer Greg Nicotero. As with other seasons, this season will be divided into two batches of 8 and 8 episodes and the second, after a break, will debut in 2019. In recent years, AMC has repeated the October and February deadlines, such as the months in that launched the episodes and with this it is tangible that the same thing happens again.
Rick Grimes is leaving and he is not the only one

One of the most striking points of season 9 of The Walking Dead is that Andrew Lincoln, the actor who has given life to the protagonist Rick Grimes since the beginning of the television series, will leave it. It was Robert Kirkman himself, creator of the show and the graphic novel on which it is based, who confirmed it to The Hollywood Reporter. After the departure of this, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, and star of the video game Death Stranding, is called to be the leader of the series. American specialized media such as Vanity Fair and Comicbook reported that the interpreter was negotiating a new contract of 20 million dollars to become the new standard of The Walking Dead, but to date has not yet materialized the same. see the walking dead season 9

The Walking Dead what you need to know about season 9
The Walking Dead what you need to know about season 9

Maggie will leave the series

Another character who will leave the series will be Maggie, to whom actress Lauren Cohan gives life. The interpreter ends her contract with AMC and after negotiations for trying to get a salary, higher than it did not succeed, will only be present in six episodes. After this it will leave the series, but it is possible that they renegotiate a new agreement so that it returns, because the same actress assured that the personage will have an open end. In addition, she told People magazine that “the possibilities of how Maggie remains in history and re-enters history are multitudinous.”

Jump in time; a new story

The trailer of season 9 of The Walking Dead began showing a temporary jump in which we could see Rick and his family forming a new community in which to survive in the hostile world full of zombies. A surprising start after the end of the eighth edition that ended with the confrontation with Negan and his band. This villain will again gain prominence, but after the jump of time we will see that he has undergone an evolution.

This renewal will serve as the end point to a story and starting a new one. This was stated by the actor Andrew Lincoln to Comicbook telling that the death of Carl was for the character “not only the end of a chapter, but a book.” Scott Gimple, who was the showrunner of the series for the last four seasons and now director of contents of the franchise, told Deadline, in relation to the eight years of the series, that “a period in history that will not be repeated, it will become, in some ways, a very different show “see the walking dead season 9

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