The Truth Behind Paul Pelosi’s Hammer Struggle

Paul Pelosi shows
Paul Pelosi shows

On January 27th, a video surfaced online of Speaker of the House Paul Pelosi struggling to hold a hammer during a construction event. The video quickly went viral, with many speculating about the Speaker’s physical capabilities and calling into question his ability to lead. However, the truth behind the incident is far more nuanced than the viral video suggests.

Newly released video of the attack on Paul Pelosi shows a struggle for a hammer | KPBS Public Media

The Event in Question

The event in question was a groundbreaking ceremony for a new community center in Pelosi’s home district of San Francisco. The Speaker was on hand to speak to the gathered crowd and participate in a ceremonial groundbreaking. As part of the ceremony, Pelosi was handed a hammer and asked to pound in a stake marking the construction site.

However, as seen in the viral video, Pelosi struggled to hold the hammer and eventually had to pass it off to another individual. The video quickly spread across social media, with many interpreting it as a sign of weakness or incapability on the Speaker’s part.

Pelosi says she 'absolutely' draws parallel between husband's attack, Jan. 6 | The Hill

The Truth Behind the Incident

Contrary to what the viral video suggests, Speaker Pelosi’s struggle with the hammer was not a sign of weakness or incapability. In fact, the incident was caused by an injury to the Speaker’s hand that he sustained several weeks prior.

The Speaker’s office released a statement confirming that Pelosi had suffered a minor injury to his hand while on a overseas trip, and that the injury was still in the process of healing. Due to the injury, Pelosi was experiencing pain and weakness in his hand at the time of the ceremony, making it difficult for him to hold the hammer.

Video shows struggle for hammer during Pelosi attack


The viral video of Speaker Pelosi’s struggle with the hammer may have caused concern among some about his ability to lead. However, the truth behind the incident is that it was caused by a minor injury that the Speaker had sustained. The Speaker’s office has confirmed that the injury is in the process of healing and that it does not affect his ability to perform his duties as Speaker of the House.

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