The tender great-grandmother of Eiza González who highlights the origins of her beauty

Eiza Gonzalez
Eiza gonzalez

Glenda Reyna , 70 years old, has proven to be a strong woman, full of elegance, but above all she has always been very attached to the family, because we always see on social networks the support she sends to her daughter Eiza González , who is quite a celebrity in Hollywood .

But what most caught the attention of this model is when she takes family photos out of the trunk of memories and one of them has a very special meaning, it is her great-grandmother Kika, whom she has a great affection for because she was with her during her childhood. , for which he wanted to show off to his fans who Eiza González ‘s great-grandmother was in life .

“My nana kika .. my mother’s mother .. Small, petite, with deep bags under her eyes, and a serene look, I knew her very old, sweet, loving, she hardly even felt, she looked fragile, but I doubt she was It was to train the women I train, I would have liked to have known her more,” writes Glenda Reyna in her photo, very proud of her beautiful origins.

Although she does not have much resemblance to the famous Eiza González, Glenda Reyna makes it clear that her grandmother formed strong women of character at a time when everything seemed difficult, but for women, although she did not know her at all, she is sure that in the past he was an extraordinary person.

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“I really like your posts, keep sharing, don’t pay attention to foolish people”, “@glendareyna how beautiful you write, how beautiful you are”, “Awwww what beautiful memories!! I also have them from my nana!!! That woman beautiful with such white skin and huge deep blue eyes”, “How beautiful you write @glendareyna, you make one live it too”, write the networks.

For those who do not know, Glenda Reyna is a famous talent finder, since she has been in charge of promoting the careers of several celebrities, she is also a very loved woman in the middle, because whoever has the fortune to meet her, speaks wonders at all times of the beautiful woman who remains very young, because it is enough to see the complexion with which her fans fall in love.

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