The tempting figure that Clara Chía was offered for giving her version of the story

Clara Chia
Clara Chia

The media do not give in to the refusal of Gerard Piqué’s current girlfriend and have offered exorbitant sums to get an exclusive interview with the young woman.

The controversies surrounding the triangle Shakira – Piqué – Clara Chía have not ceased from the moment the Colombian and the former Barcelona player publicly announced their breakup.


Who Is Gerard Piqué's Girlfriend? All About Clara Chia Marti


Every day they are part of a new headline no matter how much they try to keep a low profile and get as far away from the paparazzi as possible.

Now it was revealed that several important media offered a significant sum of money to the athlete’s current girlfriend to speak and tell the truth about her. Will Clara Chía Marti accept the deal ?


Shakira hired help to discover Gerard Pique affair with Clara Chia - Football España


According to X Catalunya, Piqué ‘s girlfriend has been offered juicy amounts of money to give her version of her romance with the 36-year-old former Spanish national team, after being designated as the third in contention between him and the Colombian singer 46 years old.

The interpreter of I congratulate you and the businessman have already spoken and detailed how they are after these turbulent months, so it only remains to know the position of the 24-year-old, about whom things have been said such as that she has suffered anxiety for the attention that he generated when his name became known, that he did home office to avoid going out into the streets and having to deal with the media or that he would have a much better relationship with his in-laws than Shakira had at the time .


Yes, I Want”: Amid Wedding Saga With Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Pique Contemplates Minute Details as Shakira Plans to Leave Barcelona - EssentiallySports


“Many programs have proposed that Clara Chía grant an interview so that she can explain her version, thus confirming the two extremes,” says the Catalan portal. Regarding the amount of money that they offer Clara to tell her truth, a source close to the couple explained that “the offers amount to more than a million dollars.”

However, the same informants would have revealed to the website the supposed reason why the young Catalan, who works at Kosmos, Piqué ‘s company , has not given in to the offers. “She would have rejected them all. Together with Piqué, she will not have a money problem and, in addition, they are happy and she prefers to be faithful to him, ” she pointed out.


New details from the sensational relationship, it is said that Clara Chia Marti had a boyfriend when she got involved with Gerard Piqué - POLITIKOFF


In the same sense, the sources consulted by the Spanish media highlighted that Piqué and Clara Chía “ want privacy and respect. They want to be able to live life normally. Only they know what the absolute truth is. All the information published is partially inaccurate because they have economic interests behind it”.

Shakira recently gave an interview to journalist Enrique Acevedo in which she assured that “there is a place reserved in hell for those women who do not support others. I’m ready for the next round. Let life come and show me what else there is” , a statement that has been interpreted as a hint to Clara Chía , although it is a phrase that the singer herself attributed to the former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright.

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