Clara Chía gives Piqué an open letter to date more women

Clara Chia
Clara Chia

Everything seems to indicate that the former soccer player has found the ideal and zero jealous woman who he assures will be willing to share Gerard Piqué

Although very little has been known about the personality of Clara Chía in addition to being the third in disagreement between the former soccer player and Shakira, detective Internet users have found that the current partner of Gerard Piqué has no problem that ” date other women.”

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According to what they say, the 23-year-old girl would be someone with a “very open mind” so she would make it clear that the former defense can go out with whoever he wants, as long as there is an agreement.

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Although without a doubt this news would not fail to generate some surprise, for many it would not turn out that way after Martí is pointed out as the woman who definitively broke the relationship between Gerard Piqué and the Colombian , so he could agree that the Spaniard has other couples like her could have other gallants, they point out.

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This conclusion derived from the inquiries of some curious and fans of the couple who searched more thoroughly in Chía’s account, where they discovered that the student from the School of Protocol follows some profiles of platforms dedicated to sharing information on “non-monogamous ethical relations “.

In addition, they also found that Chía Martí would have liked several of the publications on this platform in which informative drawings that address open relationships can be seen, as long as there is respect and consent, they point out.

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