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The surprising fiction that managed to dethrone YOU from the first position on Netflix

The series that had managed to take the leadership off The Squid Game could not keep up with the arrival of a new film

The surprising fiction that managed to dethrone YOU from the first position on Netflix
You 1
Penn Badgley As Joe Goldberg In You (Netflix)

The good things (sometimes) are short-lived and that is known to the fictions that manage to climb the first places among the most viewed on Netflix. One title succeeds another and what seemed to be an undisputed success is covered by another that arrives without warning to snatch the first place. The series ‘You’ was also a victim of this situation, although with its third season it was able to take away the absolute reign of the revelation of the year, the Korean series The Squid Game, in a short time it knew how to savor the taste of defeat and was displaced by a film that is a prequel to another.

This is the film by Matthias Schweighofer, produced by Zack Snyder, The Army of Thieves, which is already part of a kind of saga because it has a second part that also premiered this year (and is available on Netflix), The Army of the dead.

You 2
The Army Of Thieves

As soon as Army of Thieves was released, its title in English, it was placed in the first position leaving in second place the third season of You.

But what is this movie about? The film tells the story of Sebastian, also known as Ludwig Dieter (played by Matthias Schweighofer who also directs the film) who is a specialist in opening safes. His obsession with unlocking these treasures leads him to record a video on YouTube telling how he performs this activity. Sebastian’s life is extremely boring and routine: he always gets up at the same time, works in a bank, has the same breakfast, and is in the same place every day until it is time to go to sleep. An opportunity will change your life when a single person sees your video and hires you to be part of a gang of robbers. Driven by the adrenaline of the proposal, Sebastian accepts and joins. Thus a group is formed that will act together to achieve the ultimate goal.

This “army” is made up of a leader Gwendoline Starr (Nathalie Emmanuel, Game of Thrones) who is an expert in stealing things on the go without anyone noticing; Ruby O. Fee (Womb) as hacker Korina Domínguez; Brad Cage the hefty man who had been bullied as a child ( Stuart Martin from The Medici ) and the world’s fastest driver, Rolph ( Guz Khan from Four Weddings and a Funeral ). Also, add Jonathan Cohen ( or three or none ) as Delacroix and Noémie Nakai ( Towards the Light ) in the skin of Beatrix, security forces go after the gang of thieves.

You 3 Scaled
Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöefer), During A Robbery In The Film The Army Of Thieves That Managed To Unseat The Series You

Snyder returns to the role of scriptwriter and production manager, while the direction, this time, was in the hands of the protagonist, Schweighofer (who has been awarded in Germany more than a dozen times for his performances).

And we already had proof that robbery stories work very well on the platform and the creators of La casa de Papel know a lot about thatThe truth is that The Army of Thieves takes the necessary strength to propose a new universe of related fiction and create a new saga that consumers like so much. In its sequel, the film manages to find that necessary continuity so that the story does not die in the resolution of the theft of the three safes raised in the first film. The army of the dead for its part (its sequel) has already confirmed a second part.

Netflix has a tough battle against superheroes since the Marvel universe and DC already belong to other platforms and finding this vein was a challenge that the company still had. Time will tell if with this new franchise the public will give it the expected accolade.


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